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South Stream Project

One of the newest projects, for which Emirom Grup is providing a wide range of technical personnel, is the South Stream project. The major objective of the South Stream project is meeting Europe’s additional demand for natural gas, the most environmentally-friendly and secure fossil fuel. With a design capacity of 63 billion cubic meters a year, the South Stream pipeline would carry around 12% of Europe’s current annual gas consumption via the Black Sea. It is due to be completed by 2018.

Recruitment for the Romanian market

Our extensive knowledge of the local workforce, community networks and our proven recruitment solutions, allowed us to extend our area of expertise, enabling us to offer recruitment & selection services for top Romanian companies. Therefore, despite a very challenging market, our clients benefit from a vast network of human resource specialists who attract, cultivate and connect local organizations with highly skilled professionals. The specialization of our recruiters and the deep knowledge of the industries in which we operate, make it possible to offer our customers a unique service, taking into account specificities of local markets.