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On May 13, 2015,


▪ Provide on-site engineering services to the Project Manager or Offshore Construction Superintendent to assist in the achievement of project objectives, according to the plan/procedures developed by the engineering project team


The Engineer executes the activities within his area of responsibility, ensuring the compliance with the QA/QC and HSE requirements.

 Tasks include:

▪ Work in staff with the Offshore Construction Superintendent and report to him

▪ Perform all tasks assigned by the Offshore Construction Superintendent, in direct contact with the Offshore Construction

Assistant, the master and the chief engineer

▪ Monitor construction/installation etc. progress to ensure acceptable quality of vessels operations

▪ Perform methods of installation when required in offices

▪ Perform maintenance methods when required in the offices

▪ Utilize the electronic daily progress report to monitor and record the actual vs planned activities

▪ Verify sub-contractors performance and assess their operation performance

▪ Liaise with the project personnel and on board responsible to ensure smooth job preparation and field operations

▪ Perform yard activities supervision for the offshore construction

▪ Liaise with asset management for the contract monitoring of the assets

▪ Ensure the application of project engineering in the construction activities

▪ Liaise with Client technical representative for all engineering matters

▪ Perform all possible technical verifications on field


Location: Burgas / Bulgaria

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