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On August 30, 2014,

Locations: Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Congo


To ensure that all electrical equipment, machines and related control boards are operated and maintained in accordance with Company procedures/practices; will be responsible for the inspection, maintenance and field repair of all electrical equipment on the rig, logistic equipment and camp in accordance with AMOS preventive maintenance system


  • controls the electrical equipments and machines and the related control boards and performs their maintenance, with particular care to control the voltage of the alternators and of the exciters of the auxiliary units
  • assists, coordinates and monitors the operators during rig transfer operations, supervising in particular the disassemble, loading, unloading and assembly of the electrical devices and equipment
  • keeps the stocks of spare parts and expendable materials, checking the level of the stocks and reports the needs for re-supply considering also the fore-casted consumption and provisioning time
  • complies with requirements of safety standards and regulations and takes part in the emergency exercises and safety meetings


Electrical Engineering diploma or Technical Diploma in Electrical Field

  • working experience on diesel engines, generators, cranes, oil field/ rig equipments, top drive systems
  • minimum 5 years experience in similar position
  • IWCF Certificate
  • Fluent English
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