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On February 28, 2018,

▪ Safely coordinates and directs lifting operations
▪ Manages the deck space to ensure optimal use for the purpose of project execution and maintenance activities
▪ Coordinate and direct the rigging crew and the crane operators, establishing their roles and positions, in order to safely execute lifting operations according to the lifting procedures
▪ Supervise rigging/derigging operations
▪ Manage the deck space in order to optimize the deck movements of cranes, forklifts and personnel and the access to materials and equipment positioned on the deck
▪ Control the work activity of riggers and helpers
▪ Ensure all rigging and lifting appliances on board are certified for use in a suitable condition and properly stored
▪ Ensure that all rigging operations are carried out in a safe manner and in accordance with the instructions given
▪ Ensure that only certified gear is used during lifting operation
▪ Manage the handling of material and consumables to be assigned to each work site
▪ Monitor the conditions of all lifting gear before, during and after use and reports any damages
▪ Report unsafe conditions, incidents, and near-miss events
▪ Assist during marine operations if required
▪ Perform Tool Box talks meetings at the beginning of each shift (and whenever required) and prepare JSA when required
▪ Perform any additional duties within the limits of his/her own experience and capabilities, as required by the 1st Assistant on duty
▪ Stop activities if required on safety grounds, whenever continuing could cause any damages or injuries
▪ In offshore operations, report to the 1st Assistant
Required Skills/ Qualifications:
▪ Capability to plan the daily work and assign tasks to the deck crew; Capability to keep on talk with the crane operators to operate lifts in a safe way; Capability to integrate their seafarer skills into more general supervising skills and to communicate with ratings of the deck
▪ Capability to apply and promote the safety, the safe working practices and environmental protection; ▪ Understanding of the correct use of Permit to Work system; Knowledge of International Signs for rigging and lifting operations
▪ Knowledge of various types of lifting methodologies (tandem lift, tower crane lift, etc)
▪ Knowledge of the various types of rigging equipment (slings, bridles, shackles, etc.) and lifting equipment (cranes, tirfors, chain blocks, bridge cranes, etc.)
▪ Capability to read a lifting plan and carry out the job accordingly
▪ Knowledge of mooring and unmooring and anchor operations
▪ Knowledge of rigging operations and crane operation conventional signals; Knowledge of procedures for personnel lifting

Mechanical qualification
5 years offshore experience on similar position
Fluent English

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