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On January 27, 2019,

The role of the Dynamic Positioning Operator is to manage the Bridge Department and to assist in the safe and efficient operation of the vessel. The SDPO acts as Officer of the watch.

▪ STCW Deck Officer Cert. class 2/STCW II/2 – Chief Officer Certificate
▪ General Radio Officer certificate GOC/ GMDSS
▪ Unlimited DP Certificate (for DP-rig/vessel)
▪ IMO A891 certificate of Barge Supervisor
▪ Documented min. 24 months practical experience as DPO/CCR from mobile units in compliance to the flag State competence requirements
▪ Fluent written/oral English language

Operations The responsibilities of the Senior Dynamic Positioning Operator include, but are not limited to the following:
▪ To act as the vessel’s Officer of the Watch;
• Responsible for navigation and controlling the vessel’s position, using the DP systems, manual controls and joysticks, as appropriate;
• To immediately inform the Master/ OIM and the Duty Engineer of any events or circumstances that could comprise the safety of the vessel, or the DP operation;
• Supervising the actions of the Dynamic Positioning Operator on watch;
• To remain fully conversant with the latest FMEA and the Annual DP Trials;
• To remain fully conversant with the DP capability analyses and verification footprints;
• To remain fully conversant with the configuration of the vessel’s Power Management System, all ancillary systems, the possible configurations for generating power and electrical distribution;
• Maintain a comprehensive understanding of the DP control systems, including the procedures for both automatic and manual system changeovers;
• Maintain a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the propulsion systems and the CAN-BUS control systems, including their capabilities and limitations;
• To maintain a comprehensive knowledge and detailed understanding of the vessel’s DP Operations Manual, the company’s Field DP Manual, and Master/ OIM’s standing instructions;
• Remain fully conversant with all manufacturers’ manuals and procedures pertaining to the Position Reference Systems;
• Ensuring that all checklists are maintained, as detailed in the company’s DP Operations Manuals;
• To log the details and status of all operational elements and tasks;
• Monitor and log all weather conditions and forecasts;
• Maintaining communications with installations, other vessels and aircraft, as well as internal communications with engineering department, electrical department and deck crew;
• Responsible for monitoring, coordinating and responding to all deck, crane, gangway, helicopter and supply boat operations, particularly those that may impact on DP operations;
• Responsible for general stability of the vessel until relieved by the Stability Section Leader (Chief Officer);
• Ensure that any work which is to be carried out on the DP system or any ancillary systems is conducted in accordance with applicable work permit procedures;
• Responsible for ensuring detailed familiarity with regulations, industry guidance and Company procedures pertaining to a Senior DP Operators position. In particular, ensure familiarity with the following IMCA publications

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