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On May 12, 2015,


The Welding Engineer is the person that follows the operational welding related activities on the work site during the execution phase of the project.


– Preliminary test in the workshops to optimize procedures and equipment in order to reach the productivity and quality targets required by contract (either in bidding than execution phase).

– Qualify Welding procedure, planning activities and tests in order to comply with project program and expectations. Face Client representatives in coordination with Project Welding Coordinators.

– Verify the preparation of project consumables and equipment. Liaise with the construction team to ensure the set-up of the equipment required during production.

– Liaise with construction team to assure that set-up of the Welding procedure, planning, resources, equipments are understood and agreed in order to guarantee a correct set-up for the project activities.

– Transfer (and if requested advice for what necessary) to site or on board teams the procedure and project requirements. Verify that set-up and procedures are in line with project, contractual and Client requirements. Assist site or on board teams for critical matters, unexpected situation, Client liaison and relationship;

– Collect project specific data in order to feed statistics aimed to improve productivity and quality.

– Develop equipment to improve quality and productivity performances;

– Test new consumables;

– Develop and test new procedures and methods

– Assist the project to help subcontractors to comply with contract requirements;

– Verify the performance of subcontractors

 Work locations:

The work of Fabrication Welding Engineer is carried out at the Welding Workshops, Subcontractors facilities and fabrication yards located worldwide.

 Education and skills:

  • Mechanical / Welding / Metallurgical Engineer university degree
  • Intermediate Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, Office.
  • Excellent English communication skills: verbal and written
  • 1-2 years experience in the field
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