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On March 20, 2015,


▪ Carry out maintenance and control of all the mechanical production equipment

▪ Ensure the efficiency of the production equipment

▪ Provide maintenance plan and spare parts

▪ Manage the deck mechanic team in compliance with the Company safety and quality procedures

▪ Ensure adequate training to personnel


▪ Manage the production equipment ensuring its continuous operation through ordinary/ extraordinary maintenance and repairs;

▪ Define maintenance work setting priorities and draw up a maintenance frequency schedule;

▪ Supervise and coordinate the Mechanic Foremen and the deck mechanics to ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with the quality requirements;

▪ Assign to his team the execution of the required maintenance activities;

▪ Stock the required quantity of material through the establishment of minimum and maximum stock levels, in order to ensure the work continuity. Order spare parts for scheduled maintenance in due time;

▪ Liaise with the Chief Engineer and Offshore Constr. Superintendent on the preparation of the equipment;

▪ Ensure that all the project equipment used are certified, in suitable condition and properly stored;

▪ Provide maintenance for the project equipment when required;

▪ Report near misses and incidents;

▪ Ensure that permit work system is understood and operated;

▪ Provide shift Toolbox and JSA (Job Safety Analysis) if required;

▪ Perform duties within the vessel emergency team as indicated in the Emergency preparedness manual.

▪ Manage and Supervise Effectively all maintenance activities;

▪ Participate to the planned plant shutdown;

▪ Dismantle, Repair and Reassemble Mechanical Equipment;

▪ Condition Monitoring in Mechanical Equipment;

▪ Diagnose faults in Mechanical Equipment;

▪ Contribute to the Health and Safety of the Working Environment;

▪ Emergency Response

 Qualification and Experience:

▪ Mechanical Engineer minimum two (5) year experience on off-shore activities in similar position

▪ Good knowledge of operation and maintenance:

– Diesel hammer setting and maintenance

– Hydraulic hammer setting and maintenance

– Hydraulic hammer power pack

– ILT setting and maintenance

– ELT setting and maintenance

– Main crane tugger hoist

– Hammer reel drive winch

– Main crane maintenance

– Deck winches maintenance

– Main crane Crawler crane and pedestal cranes maintenance

– Air Compressor and diesel engine maintenance


▪ Knowledge of the Asset Management Operative System (AMOS), in order to handle all logistical functions, and prepare reports;

▪ Full understanding and capability to operate on ballast control equipments , pumps, ballast lines, refueling control, loading and unloading cargo and ballasting, lease with deck department regarding the loading ordering and use the fuel, potable water to maintain the vessel stability

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