The global talents research and selection projects start from an in-depth analysis of the company’s needs and considering the assignment country, with the aim of identifying the operational and economic profile of the targeted candidates (job function of the resource, compensation model, logistics, tax, social security and insurance aspects).

The research and selection process is planned and managed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals whose effectiveness is guaranteed by the use of:

  • A recruitment and selection methodology certified by the Lloyds Register LRQA according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Network database constantly updated
  • WEB multi-posting systems
  • Social media recruiting

Kent Service

  • Analysis of the organizational context
  • Analysis of the position to be covered
  • Definition of the ideal profile
  • Channels of communication with the Client
  • Sharing the model with the Client


  • Definition of the research target
  • Market exploring
  • Direct search (network database)
  • E-recruitment
  • Screening preliminare


  • Identification of candidates
  • First contact
  • Interviews
  • Assessment


  • Panel short list
  • Organization of interviews with the Client
  • References check
  • Feed-back to all candidates

The definition of project activities, the choice of tools to be used, as well as the type of personnel to be employed depend on the professional level of the
scouted positions, on the type of required skills/specializations and on the identified country of deployment. The candidates’ selection takes place through direct interviews and technical assessment sessions and after the selection process is concluded, a shortlist of candidates found suitable in line with the requested profile is presented to the Client.


Due to the 25-years experience in personnel management abroad, our team provides the HR Management and HR Administration functions with a series of services for an efficient international mobility management:

  • Talent Retention. Promoting talent is the key of success in all modern organizations.
  • Definition of the policy for the management and administration of personnel assigned abroad (compensation and benefits policy)
  • Labour law, social security, tax and logistics consultancy related to the needs of international mobility of resources
  • Definition of company remuneration policy for international staff
  • Optimization of remuneration profiles for expatriate staff in line with the job position, Client company’s policy, and remuneration trends in the country of assignment
  • Tax, social security and insurance planning for expatriate staff
  • Conclusion of contractual relations with international staff
  • Management and monitoring of deadlines and key requirements (entry visas, residence visas and different related administrative issues)
  • Consultancy for expatriate employees

Our flexibility and capacity to maintain an operative workflow are particularly appreciated by our Clients in situations of criticality and discontinuity, where timely solutions and availability of the required resources are key factors for the dynamics of the operations.

Our service accompanies the entire life cycle of the assignment abroad, through the following activities:

  • International payroll and personnel expenses management (starting from the time sheet approved by the Client)
  • Periodic statements and payment of taxes in compliance with local legislation
  • Assistance for periodic medical checks
  • Assistance in case of criticality between the company and the resource
  • Logistics assistance
  • Management of the individual relation
  • Staff training (on request)