Our Group supports the client organizations not only through traditional HR management services, but also by directly assuming the managerial roles and responsibilities of a real Human Resources Department. This service is of particular interest:

For those who are in a development stage, who have not yet structured a functional area dedicated to HR management

For those companies that are experiencing moments of business discontinuity (crisis situations and corporate reorganization, generational transitions, M & A, international development needs, change processes that impact on culture, strategy and corporate organizational structure)

SMEs represent the sector that, more than any other, can derive benefits from HR Temporary Management services, as they are often facing significant discontinuities without the necessary skills to manage complex processes in the time required by market acceleration.

In this scenario, it may be convenient to introduce new managerial skills into the company, capable of acting as a facilitator of the change process: in this sense the HR Temporary Management represents a reasonable balance between the need for know-how, flexibility and economic constraints.
Specifically, we guarantee support throughout the human resources’ management cycle, with particular reference to:

  • Management of the individual work relation considering any critical issues and/or development plans
  • Study, as well as implementation of corporate restructuring plans and consequent adjustment of the staff management
  • Recruiting and selection of qualified personnel
  • Internal communication
  • Rewarding and incentivizing systems
  • Staff training and qualification plans


La Formazione efficace dei propri Talent ricopre oggi più che mai un ruolo chiave nei processi di sviluppo aziendali anche a medio/breve termine.

Nell’era dell’industria 4.0, dell’internet delle cose e della smart factory, modelli di gestione, protocolli di qualità e sicurezza non possono e non devono prescindere dall’elemento essenziale: l’uomo ed il suo valore.

Forti di un know-how autorevole, siamo in grado di sviluppare sulle specifiche esigenze dei nostri clienti una proposta personalizzata di soluzioni formative.

I nostri moduli hanno come obbiettivo la creazione di valore tangibile ponendo l’uomo al centro delle dinamiche aziendali e personali stimolando il suo valore invisibile, le sue soft skills e le sue motivazioni.

  • HSE Culture Coaching
  • BBS Experience
  • Soft Skills Workshop
  • Change & Risk Management
  • Corporate Social Responsability