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On May 26, 2015,


 Mission: Ensures that all appropriate HSE policies, standards and procedures are fully integrated into the engineering design of the project such that once the project is commissioned and operations commence, all intended HSE policies, safety systems, environmental standards, mitigation measures, etc. are capable of being met by equipment, operating procedures and maintenance practices.

 Tasks :

  • Plan, manage and coordinate all daily operations of Services HSE Section. Assist Services Directorate departments and controllership to manage day-to-day HSE issues.
  • Incident reporting and investigation within the Services Directorate and in other directorates and departments as required.
  • Review and tracking of Services Directorate corrective actions, arising from incident investigation, audits, inspections, reviews.
  • Organization and participation in the safety meetings, toolbox talks, etc. with the staff employed in the Services Directorate.
  • Assistance to Services HSE contract holders with regard to Contractor HSE management. Assistance to the Contracts and Procurement Controllership in pre-qualification and tender evaluation with regard to HSE issues.
  • Liaison with the external authorities with regard to HSE management in the Services Directorate (fire, health, road police, etc.)
  • Participation in ER exercises both company-wide and Services Directorate specific (fire drills, Medevac, etc.)
  • Ongoing risk assessment of the Services Directorate operations, risk assessment documentation. Ensuring the HSE critical tasks as derived from the bow-tie analysis and KPO HSE Case, are controlled in an appropriate manner. Develop HSE competency criteria for various HSE critical positions within the Services Directorate.
  • Designing, maintaining and liaison with training department on the road safety training systems (defensive driving, off-road, skid pan, etc.).
  • Designing and controlling the projects on road safety hardware design modifications as required (roll-cages, internal vehicle monitoring devices, etc.)
  • Effective personnel management and development, selection and allocation, training, stimulation of personnel professional motivation and professional business approach and business quality.
  • Provision of adequate HSE reporting and statistical analysis to the Corporate Safety and Environment departments.
  • Facilitate and implement (where required) actions and recommendations arising out of               HSE management system audits, reviews.
  • Promotion of environmental awareness within the Services Directorate in line with the            ISO 14001 standard.
  • Coordination of the waste management system in conjunction with the Corporate Environment and Operations Environment departments (domestic non-hazardous waste, waste segregation, managing waste management contractors).
  • Coordination of the occupational health issues in conjunction with the HR controllership (catering contractors, audits, regulatory inspections).
  • Development, coordination and modification to the hazard observation and behavioral safety programs within the Services Directorate.
  • Development and implementation of the Services Directorate HSEQ IMS in compliance with the ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, HSE MS, local legislation. Development and assistance in the development of the necessary documentation required by the Services Directorate HSEQ IMS Participation in the first-party and second-party audits. Facilitation of the third-party audits.
  • Control, review and development/modification of HSE specific procedures within the Services Directorate (management of change, permit-to-work/work authorization, safety inspections, etc.).
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