We are specialized in supporting exporting companies in their internationalization process, guiding them in the assessment of markets and in the management of related economic and operational risks, with a particular focus on emerging countries and less known geographic areas.

  • Study and analysis of country risk with specific reference to regulatory, fiscal and social security aspects
  • Feasibility studies aimed at assessing the opportunity for new investments abroad
  • Analysis of social security and insurance issues guaranteeing analytical information functional to the management of expatriates according to current legislation
  • Management of international mobility of In & Out personnel and support for the organization of new sites with the management of the mobilization


In the current competitive scenario, many companies are redesigning their business strategies in order to adapt to a constantly evolving reality: most of the time, this involves a review of their own organizational structure and operating processes, in search of more performing solutions.
In the perspective of optimization, the BPO methodologies represent an opportunity which enables the Client company to:

  • Focus investments and resources (personnel, time, and space) on the core business, avoiding precious internal energies to be absorbed into support activities
  • Delegate non-core management activities to a partner having the required know-how and consequently allowing a management improvement
  • Avoid specific investments, such as the recruitment of dedicated personnel
  • Access the best practices deriving from our experience

Our services allow the development of winning solutions based on twenty years of BPO experience in HSE, QA / QC and Procurement sectors.