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On May 2, 2017,

MECHANIC FOREMAN OFFSHORE on board pipe lay/crane semi-submersible vessel

Current and near future location: Netherland/ UK/ Norway

Mission:   Manage and maintain offshore equipment through coordination of the assigned team, ensuring the respect of HSE and Quality procedures and practices


▪ Manage site equipment, ensuring the continuous operation through ordinary/extraordinary maintenance and repairs

▪ Coordinate the deck mechanic team in order to ensure that the work is carried out in compliance with quality requirements and establish time schedules ▪ Ensure compliance with Company permit work system and isolation standard

▪ Ensure compliance with day Tool box meeting and JSA if required

▪ Report any near misses and incidents

▪ Maintain the working area in a clean and tidy condition and free from any safety hazard

▪ Inform the Vessel Equipment Engineer of any equipment malfunctioning

▪ Intervene with his team to rectify MBD of the equipment

▪ Report to the Vessel Equipment Engineer

▪ Manage the deck mechanic team during his shift and pay attention to their safety

▪ Take active action on the maintenance and repair production equipment



▪ Have experience of 5 years on Offshore mechanic equipment

▪ Very good knowledge of English language

▪ Experience in working with:

– Abandon and recovery winch 350 – 750 ton

– JLT lifting and lowering system with tilting beam pipe

– Travelling and hang off clamps – Hub reel drive

– Alignment pipe line up clamps

– Pipe loading arm

– Assembly station travelling system

– ILUC winch – Line up station for QJ

– Transversal travelling cars

– Pipe tensioner capacity and limits

– Abandon and recovery winch maintenance

– Tensioner Hydraulic power pack maintenance

– Pneumatic and electrical ILUC setting and maintenance

– Beveling machine setting and maintenance

– Air Compressor maintenance

– Stinger control and maintenance

– Pipe conveyor and fire line support roller settings

– Fire line Overhead crane maintenance, Coating equipment maintenance

– Crawler and pedestal crane maintenance

– Diesel Engine maintenance

– Line up station equipment

– Capability to operate Stinger air and water circuit and support roller settings

– Main crane, pedestal crane and knuckle boom crane

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