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On May 12, 2015,


  • under the Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Superintendent, the Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor is responsible for the correct maintenance of static equipments such as pipelines, columns, tanks and reservoirs, valves, filtering systems, heat exchangers, pumps, engines, turbine and compressors present in the plant. He collaborates during the commissioning phase reviewing the commissioning procedures and reporting to his superior in case of unexpected problems. He also directs his crew during the start up operation, giving assistance if required.
  • supervise and assist his subaltern in the mechanical maintenance
  • ensure the correct functioning of all the rotating equipment
  • monitors, inspects and verifies the performance of the Erection & Commissioning Contractors and their conformance to the time scheduling and task completion;
  • follows-up and controls the testing of new/modified equipment, systems and machinery;
  • diagnosis faults and trends and takes or recommends appropriate corrective actions;
  • ensures that Company and statutory safety requirements are adhered to in all construction/commissioning activities undertaken by Company personnel and external Contractors;
  • ensures the provision of adequate resources to carry out activities e.g. special tools and materials for the technicians and/or additional maintenance specialist support;
  • compiles, completes and submits reports and documentation to the required standards and at the relevant frequency;
  • contributes to the development and updating of a formal maintenance system for production facilities;
  • details approvals and work permits required prior to commencement of activities and shut-down needs

Required Qualifications & Experience:

  • Senior Mechanical Engineering or equivalent technical diploma
  • relevant experience in a similar position
  • experience and deep knowledge are mandatory in the followings: Centrifugal pumps, Volumetric pumps, Diesel and gas engines, Air compressors, Gas Turbines, Alternators, Gas compressors,
  • knowledge of Oil & Gas industry

Required Competencies/ Skills:

  • computer skills
  • good knowledge of written/spoken English
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