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On May 2, 2017,

MOTORMAN MARITIME on board pipe lay/crane semi-submersible vessel

Current and near future location: Netherland/ UK/ Norway

Mission:   Carry out operations, maintenance and repairs and assist with engine room watch keeping


▪ Report to Engineer on watch, execute the assigned work tasks within the frame of his responsibilities

▪ Assist with engine room operations and watch keeping and carry out maintenance as directed


▪ Have experience of 5 years on motorman maritime position

▪ Very good knowledge of English language

▪ All STCW 95(and amendments) required certificates

▪ National certificate of competence and endorsement Reg. I/2, III/4

▪  Medical Fitness Reg. I/9


  • Capability to monitor the power plant controls and power distribution ensuring power is available at all times. Capability to prepare the engine room for the inspection by authorities and Classification Society
  • Capability to perform inspections and maintenance on vessel mechanical equipment and power plants and, as necessary, on engine cooling water system, to maintain thrusters ballast pumps and valves auxiliary equipment operating and repaired as necessary, to install new equipment as required with regards to mechanical adjustment, to maintain air conditioning and refrigerator systems in efficient order
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