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On May 13, 2015,


▪ Support the Project Manager in coordinating specific technical and management topics, i.e. project internal and external interface management, contractual document review, project activity planning, data analysis and report preparation, subcontractor and supplier management


During the feasibility phase:

▪ Develop techno-economic models of industrial complexes including Linear Programming (LP) techniques

▪ Prepare appropriate economic evaluation reports to evaluate technologies to be applied in specific projects or to evaluate the relevant competitive advantage

During the bidding phase, as requested by the Project Manager:

▪ Analyze tender and contractual documents in order to review scope of work and schedule and to identify project requirements and constraints

▪ Support in the preparation of the Project Execution Plan and the project Organization Charts

▪ Prepare bid cost estimate of project management, construction and services, including staff, manpower, construction equipment/consumables and subcontracts

▪ Assist the commercial team in the selection of the reference sub-contract quotation to be included in the bid cost estimate

During the project execution phase, as requested by the Project Manager:

▪ Assist the Project Manager during project activity planning, e.g. in the preparation of the Execution Plans, in the definition of the resource allocation and of the assets and materials utilization, in the preparation of sub-contracting plans, in the assessment of the man-hours required for the Construction phase in order to prepare/update the mobilization plan, in preparing reports relevant to resources mobilization

▪ Coordinate specific topics, e.g. engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning

▪ Coordinate interfaces among Engineering/Procurement/Yard/Site

▪ Assist in managing Client relationships

▪ Assist in managing change orders and claims

▪ Assist in coordinating the invoicing activity, if necessary

▪ Issue purchase requisitions and technical evaluations within his field of competence

▪ Ensure materials availability on site

▪ Assist in the implementation of the Management Information Sys


Location: Nigeria onshore

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