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On October 12, 2016,

Our Client, major international company operating in oil & gas and power industry field is searching for a project Material Manager to be assigned to their new project in Kuwait.

Mission: Site material manager is responsible for all what concerns material dedicated to project construction received or planned to be received on the project. Site warehouse, logistics and handling departments are in his scope of responsibilities.

Tasks: Linked to procurement, engineering and post order department, collect information concerning material deliveries, modification and change order if any; spread information to project management and construction departments

Maintain the Company’s corporate HSE spirit at his working place, ensure people working under his responsibility respect the rules and have sufficient knowledge for the tasks to be executed.

Implement all necessary working procedures once approved by client.

Keep material delivery status and expedition schedule updated jointly with logistics and procurement department. Follows up import, export, transit, dispatch and transport customs document;

With construction management and commissioning department, decide on the material stock level for the project duration and participate to construction planning building, bringing his information.

Oversee project information system related to material handling, routinely updating relative data. Uses software named PPMS to do it.

With warehouse supervisor, organize the reception, handling and storage conditions according to material type and stock movements.

Implement with material warehouse supervisor, execution of material receipt, control, handling, storage, preservation and delivery activity.

Inform project management and procurement department of any discrepancy, non-conformity or any other trouble with material that might jeopardize project construction schedule.

Makes cost analysis related to material handling and storage in accordance with contract terms.

Follows up and prepare a weekly/monthly report concerning material movements.

For project duration, with material warehouse implement a follow up of all material having an expiration date, certificate to be renewed, material to be calibrated.

From the beginning should prepare final reconciliation, updating on weekly basis the scrap register.


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