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On May 26, 2015,


 Mission: Plan and implement of the Project Quality Management activities within the project and coordinate of the project the Quality Control activities implementation.

Report to Corporate Quality Department information and data about Project in line with Corporate Guidelines.

 Tasks :

 Provides the necessary back-up to the Proposal/Project Manager regarding contractual issues relating to Quality both during tender and project execution phase.

  • Supports the Project Manager in leasing with Clients about all the Quality matters and contract requirements.
  • Plans and allocates Quality functions to the various area of the project.
  • Coordinates the preparation of the Project Quality Plans, Quality Control Plans and Project Quality Procedures which  guarantee compliance with contractual requirements and ISO Standards.
  • Supports the Project Manager in the preparation of the Project management procedures (Execution Plans, Interface, Coordination procedures, etc.)
  • Coordinates the Project Document management and control activities.
  • Performs Quality Induction activities within the various area of the Project.
  • Plans and leads internal and external Project Auditing activities.
  • Reports to the relevant Operating Company Quality Manager all the data required by the Corporate/Company QMS.
  • Assesses the suitability of vendors and sub-contractors for individual projects.
  • Interfaces with responsible for inspection and control activities (for materials and relevant suppliers).
  • Coordinates and supervise all the Quality Control activities (mainly regarding Saipem and Subcontractor activities).
  • Assesses the Quality Control Plans of sub-contractors and identify any necessary corrective measures.
  • Monitors, supports the engineering roles, the collection of “As built” data for projects.
  • Defines Project Quality System.
  • Provides to the project personnel necessary quality training.
  • Coordinates project quality personnel activity.
  • Supports Project Manager in preparation of monthly report.
  • Provides periodical analysis of project date (NCs-Non Conformity, complaints and lesson learnt).
  • Monitors adequate close out of NCs- Non Conformity and events.
  • Ensures contract review and project close out are adequately performed.
  • Initiates and promotes all necessary corrective actions for any failure identified within Project Quality System.
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