09 Apr 2020



▪ Plan and implement the Project Quality Management System (PQMS) activities within the project

▪ Plan and ensure the project Quality Control (QC) activities implementation

▪ Report to Company Quality Manager the information and data about Project in line with Corporate Guidelines

▪ Act as focal point for quality related matters within the project and in liaison with external entities


▪ Ensure the definition and implementation of the PQMS and the identification, preparation and distribution of needed Project Quality Plans and procedures in accordance with the Company Quality Management System (QMS)

▪ Ensure that the integrity of the Company QMS is maintained when changes are made to the system for the project

▪ Ensure that the correct implementation of the Project QMS is checked and monitored through the planning of quality audits

▪ Ensure that the correct implementation of planned quality audits, taking in account all project processes, including the issue of relevant audit reports

▪ Ensure, within the project organization, the planning of activities aimed at promoting the applicable Contractual Quality Requirements

▪ Conduct external audit to Vendors and Subcontractors QMS

▪ Ensure, within the project organization, the planning of activities aimed at promoting the applicable Contractual Quality Requirements

▪ Plan and allocate Quality resources to the various area of the project, managing them in liaison with involved Quality functions

▪ Support the Project Manager in relations with the Client and with the Authorities responsible for quality matters

▪ Participates to Project Management meetings, to ensure coordination between Quality and Project Management activities

▪ Ensure the preparation and issue of QC specifications for the works, coordinating and agreeing the checks by the Technical Departments and Client

▪ Ensure the issue of quality requirements to be incorporated, in the contractual documents, with Vendors and Subcontractors and organizations in charge of works

▪ Ensure the Site QC activities implementation, including the monitoring of QC management tool updating

▪ Ensure management of non-conformance

▪ Promote appropriate actions in order to prevent or eliminate potential non-conformance and their causes

▪ Ensure the management of Cost of Non Quality process

▪ Ensure knowledge and awareness of Quality requirements within the Project Team, also performing Quality Training activities

▪ Collect and analyze project quality data also in order to organize and lead the Project Quality Management Review

▪ Ensure the management of lessons learned process

▪ Ensure Customer satisfaction process implementation

▪ Report Project information and data to Company’s Quality Manager by means of Corporate’s methodologies and tools and keep the Project Quality Reporting tools update


– University degree or equivalent

– Should have 5-10 experience

– ISO certificate ISO 9001: 2015 Lead auditor

– approved as PQM

– Experience in Offshore projects