20 Dec 2019



• Support the administration management of the personnel on board, assigning also the accommodation and liaising with the travel agent for the personnel travelling
• Follow-up the vessel HR Plan
• Operate and maintain all radio and communication onboard (only if holder of GMDSS certificate)

• Support activities for Information and Vessel Person Administration System
• Assist in preparing and managing all type of documentation as required
• Archive paper and electronic documentation as required
• Support in preparing reports and data analysis
• Maintain the radio log-book
• Ensure all outgoing correspondence is approved by Master (only if holder of GMDSS certificate)
• Organize radio communications (only if holder of GMDSS certificate)


• Minimum 5 years proved experience in the same position
• Work related diplomas/valid certificates
Capability to implement archives (paper and electronic) according to specific requirements
Capability to apply and promote the safety, the safe working practices and environmental protection; Understanding of the correct use of Permit to Work system;
Capability to promote the wear of the protective equipment and incident investigation;
Knowledge of the day-to-day activities to be followed into an office supporting a single person or a team, interfacing with the proper counterpart;
Capability to ensure the correct use of radio systems maintaining the relative system of communications fully operational, to log and distribute in-coming and out-coming calls, to maintain radio contact with the Helicopters underway to land or to take off from the ship.
English language- above average