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On February 11, 2019,

▪ Support the implementation of the Project Quality Management System (PQMS) activities within the project
▪ Support Project Quality Manager (PQM) / Quality Control Manager (QCM) in supervising the project Quality Control activities
▪ Report to PQM / QCM information and data about Project in line with Corporate Guidelines
▪ In cooperation with QCM, act as focal point for quality control related matters within the project and in liaison with external entities

▪ Support the PQM / QCM in defining the Project Quality Control System and in identifying needed project quality control plans and QC procedures in accordance with the Company Quality Management System
▪ Support the PQM / QCM in planning and allocating Q C Supervisor functions to the various area of the project, ensuring coordination of assigned personnel
▪ Review Quality Control Plans, verify that tests, controls and inspections are carried out according to Quality Control Plans/Inspection Test Plans an d that personnel has access to all required project documentation
▪ Check procedures and equipment to be used in tests, controls and inspections and agrees on the applicable operating procedures with the organization in charge of the works
▪ Review applicable QC procedures, including those relating to special processes
▪ Check that material and equipment are correctly received, stored, identified, traceable preserved and handled (if needed)
▪ Verify the implementation of the inspection, control and test notification process
▪ Check documents certifying tests, controls and inspections carried out and their orderly collection and management, mechanical completion included
▪ Verify that tests, controls and inspections are carried out by contractors
▪ Verify the correct implementation and application of Quality Tools
▪ Provide specialist support to the PQM / QCM in interfacing with the Client and third parties
▪ Verify the correct application and, whenever necessary, the update of site Quality Control Plans/procedures
▪ Ensure training of Site Personnel on QC topics
▪ Verify proper Non Conformity detection and recording, as well as relevant corrective actions implementation
▪ Verify the preparation of the Quality section of the final dossier. In case of subcontracted activities, verify the QC section of the dossier is properly collected
▪ Verify that inspection/control/test reports are verified, recorded, filed and traceable
▪ Collect and analyze project QC data to be provided to PQM / QCM, also in view of the Project Quality Management Review preparation
▪ Support PQM / QCM in the management of lesson learned process
▪ Report Project QC information and data to PQM / QCM by means of Corporate methodologies and tools

– University degree (mechanical, welding)
– extensive experience in LNG tanks construction
– minimum 10 years’ experience in QC field
– minimum 5 years’ documented experience as QC Coordinator in international projects
– minimum requirement – ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor certificate
– English language – minimum B2 level

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