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On January 27, 2019,

The SM manages and superintends site activities regarding construction, pre-commissioning, start-up and handing over of the plant to the Client, so as to satisfy the contractual obligations and targets fixed by the PM.

His duties include:
• Representing the Contractor locally and conferring with the Client, Local Authorities and Organizations for all site-related problems;
• Ensuring the planning, scheduling and feasibility, availing himself of the expertise and know-how of CM, FEM, COM, and FCC;
• Ensuring the application and, where not already arranged in the planning phase, the issue of suitable procedures for the definition of working methods and site regulations;
• Superintending the control of time schedules, costs and quality of the activities, taking all the necessary measures to prevent, absorb or minimize any deviations and asking for PM’s approval in cases where decisions affect the project time schedule and/or costs;
• Approving the HSE Manuals for construction and commissioning, ensuring their implementation;
• Ensuring implementation of the Site Quality Control Plan;
• Ensuring site logistics, also by purchasing the materials and services necessary for efficient site operation, within the limits of the assigned powers and in accordance with Client procedures;
• Ensuring compliance with the local laws and regulations;
• Ensuring the issue of the Certificates of Completion required by contract;
• Ensuring the issue of the plant taking-over certificate.

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