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On December 6, 2018,

▪ Coordinate Subsea Remote technological activities, application of related procedures and their revision in accordance with Project requirements, in order to ensure efficient performance and respecting HSE and Quality procedures and practices
▪ Supervise the operation, commissioning and upgrade of Subsea Remote Equipment on-board

▪ Report to the Project Operations Manager within a specific project or to the relevant departments for a bid assistance performance or for an engineering study
▪ Coordinate, all the assigned Subsea activities and provide technical guidance to ensure project execution is in line with technical specification and planning
▪ Analyze and optimize installation procedures in accordance with Project requirements, activating and managing Change Processes
▪ Assist with purchases, sub-supplies, production of subsea operations by guaranteeing the necessary links and technical assistance within the resource budget allocated by the Project Manager
▪ On-board assist the Subsea Technology Superintendent for ROV/Remote Equipment Offshore Operations, with regard to interdisciplinary coordination of all works on-board acting as liaison element with Project Engineering Team
▪ Supervise subsea remote equipment (i.e. trenching, ploughing, etc.) operations or provide technical support through engineering supervision as required
▪ Supervise the application of project specifications and procedures and compliance with standards and regulations in order to comply with the quality and safety standards
▪ Ensure that the Subsea Technology Superintendent is kept fully informed of potential problems and construction status
▪ Liaise with Chief Mate, 2nd Engineer and Vessel Equipment Engineer in order to manage on-board interfaces preventing, assessing and proposing solutions to mitigate them
▪ Liaise with Subcontractor Supervisor (diving, subsystems) to optimize smooth interoperability
▪ Solve matters related to coordination, priority and interface among different disciplines in order to meet the scopes of the project
▪ Motivate all construction crew/subcontractors with regards to health, safety and environment awareness
▪ Ensure compliance with standards according to Company’s QHSE Policy and safety procedures (as specified in the MSM) in order to perform the activity in a safe manner
▪ Report near misses and incidents
▪ Assist the Superintendent in daily meetings, prepare progress reports, support data collection for production analysis, assure quality and consistence on survey data
▪ Provide engineering support to the Superintendent to evaluate technical project inputs on systems upgrade/modifications and procedures revisions

Knowledge of Equipment Engineering basics principles; Capability to interpret relevant Technical Project Documentation
Knowledge of Marine Operations, Pipe coating, Pipe laying Techniques, Cranes, Survey Equipment and Practices
Knowledge of ROV Maintenance Intervention Procedures, Maintenance Stock Management and Root Cause Analysis
Capability to handle subcontracted diving work packages defining the scope of work, the milestones and documentation deliverables;
Capability to control the quality, the costs and the timing of the subcontracted activities
Knowledge of types of trenching equipment and its limits; Capability to manage the trenching team and ROV team and lifting and rigging activities
Launch and recover Subsea Remote Equipment. Perform Terminations on all types of Umbilical; Pilot Subsea Remote Equipment; Survey Sensor Hook-up. Produce dive records, video, audio and written Subsea Remote Equipment pre and post-dive checklist
Capability to:
– Manage ROV Support to Subsea Remote Equipment operations.
– Subsea operations procedures development
– Subsea Remote equipment Maintenance and spare parts Management
– HAZOP evaluations and management
Knowledge of:
– Maintenance Intervention Procedures
– Maintenance Stock Management
– Manipulator maintenance
– Computer / Control / Software systems and Fault Finding
– Electrical / Electronic systems and Fault Finding
– Hydraulic / Mechanical Systems and Fault Finding
Capability to:
– Launch and recover ROV
– Perform Terminations on all types of Umbilical
– Use Manipulator Skills
– Pilot ROV
– Survey Sensor Hook-up
– Produce dive records, video, audio and written ROV pre and post-dive checklist
– Use ROV tooling
AUV related experience
• Geophysical Survey Navigation
• MBES, SSS , SBP, Magnetometer
• Data Acquisition & Post-Processing
• Laser Scanner
• Acoustic Leak Inspection
• ROV Subsea Installation & Intervention
• Post Trenching machines

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