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On December 6, 2018,

Oversee the safe and timely execution and completion of Subsea operations, ensuring compliance with safety procedures and regulations

▪ Coordinate and carry out Subsea operations, ensuring technical and safety compliance
▪ Find faults on all Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV mechanical / hydraulic / electronic / electrical / control sub-systems
▪Carry out Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV piloting and ROV manipulator operations
▪ Mobilize and demobilize Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV systems onboard vessels and barges
▪ Maintain and operate the complete Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV System including the winch, A-frame
▪ Carry out safety and operational briefings
▪ Establish objectives of dives or projects and brief operations crew accordingly
▪ Communicate operations updates/problems from field to base as frequently as possible
▪ Deploy Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV on a project and/or the startup or stoppage of a particular operation project
▪ Steer and control the activities of field service personnel assigned to specific projects
▪ Provide technical support as required for the installation, servicing and repair products and equipment
▪ Participate in pre-project planning
▪ Ensure the safety and efficiency of offshore operations
▪ Monitor crew moral and actions
▪ Initiate post job reports
▪ Maintain up-to-date records, logs, crew hours, etc., that pertain to the project
▪ Produce dive logs (written/oral/video) for presentation to client
▪ Read and understand complex technical drawings, adding any changes to documents for later reference
▪ Design and fabricate Subsea Remote Equipment / ROV tooling to Assist in the completion of the project

Knowledge of Equipment Engineering basics principles; Capability to interpret relevant Technical Project Documentation
Knowledge of Marine Operations, Pipe coating, Pipe laying Techniques, Cranes, Survey Equipment and Practices
Knowledge of ROV Maintenance Intervention Procedures, Maintenance Stock Management and Root Cause Analysis
Capability to:
– Launch and recover ROV
– Perform Terminations on all types of Umbilical
– Use Manipulator Skills
– Pilot ROV
– Survey Sensor Hook-up
– Produce dive records, video, audio and written ROV pre and post-dive checklist
– Use ROV tooling
Capability to prepare and update Technical Documentation, including the relevant technical reporting
Knowledge of types of trenching equipment and its limits; Capability to manage the trenching team and ROV team and lifting and rigging activities
Capability to perform Subsea Remote System mobilization / demobilization activities
Interpretation and assessment of Environmental and Weather Conditions
Knowledge of:
– Maintenance Intervention Procedures
– Maintenance Stock Management
– Manipulator maintenance
– Computer / Control / Software systems and Fault Finding
– Electrical / Electronic systems and Fault Finding
– Hydraulic / Mechanical Systems and Fault Finding
AUV related experience
• Geophysical Survey Navigation
• MBES, SSS , SBP, Magnetometer
• Data Acquisition & Post-Processing
• Laser Scanner
• Acoustic Leak Inspection
• ROV Subsea Installation & Intervention
• Post Trenching machines

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