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On February 2, 2015,


▪ Ensure the safe, economical and efficient performance of drilling, well completion and work over activities in accordance with statutory legislation, client programs, Company procedures and contractual requirements.


▪ Liaise on behalf of Company with the Client representative on site as far as concerns contract management and interpretation;

▪ Instruct the Tour Pusher in the execution of the activities in order to ensure the activities are carried out in accordance to the Client program;

▪ Ensure that the activities carried out to prepare, use, control the mud system are performed in accordance to the Client program and instructions;

▪ Ensure that the progress of the activities is in line with the program and report to Client any discrepancy;

▪ Check periodically the efficiency of the safety equipment and devices present on the rig site;

▪ Be well-informed about handling and operating safely all drilling related tools and equipment;

▪ Be well-informed about running and testing of the BOP and how to operate the same and the diverter system;

▪ Be well-informed about the established well control and operational procedures;

▪ Ensure reporting routines are fulfilled;

▪ Cooperate with the technical engineers to set up a proper maintenance plan for the drilling equipment;

▪ Ensure that the stock level of spare parts and consumables for the drilling equipment is kept at an appropriate level by requesting the equipment whenever deemed necessary;

▪ Coordinate the rig moving activities by supervising the activity of the drilling crew, the lifting activities and verifying that the equipment is correctly positioned on the new location;

▪ Ensure compliance with society and Authority rules and regulations

▪ Ensure that all orders and instructions received verbally or in writing are fully understood and adhered to;

▪ Use compulsory protective equipment and be safety minded during day-to-day work;

▪ Be responsible for safe working conditions on the rig site at all times;

▪ Ensure that his subordinates use compulsory protective equipment;

▪ Be well-informed about all relevant work and safety procedures issued by Company and the Operator, applying them and promoting their implementation;

▪ Apply and ensure the correct application of the prescribed safety standards and regulations;

▪ Instruct his subordinates of their duties and responsibilities and of any special precaution to be taken prior to start up of any work;

▪ Participate in the preparation of the Safe Job Analysis before starting-up the non routine operation or job and ensure completion of risk assessment where required;

▪ Support the Master in the organization of safety drills and actively participate to the same;

▪ Lead the safety meetings of the drilling crew;

▪ Be well-informed about actions, procedures and duties during safety drills and in emergency situations (refer to Emergency Preparedness Action Plan);

▪ Promptly report any safety hazard, accident, near-miss accident and non-conformance to his/her immediate superior;

▪ Be responsible to maintain a proper housekeeping on the rig site;

▪ Be well informed about environmental aspect on site, full knowledge of Company environmental procedures, applying them and promoting their implementation


▪ Holding the proper drilling know-how and IADC certification, be fully able to operate an onshore rig ensuring the well program, rig up, moving between locations and rig down is carried out in a safe, efficient and productive manner according to Company Procedures and in line with contractual requirements

▪ Capability to support in preparing reporting documents according to requirements and to guarantee the reliability of input data

▪ Capability to coordinate rig logistic operations (mobilization / demobilization)

▪ Knowledge of drilling operative procedures and safe working practices application according also to the API International drilling standards and guidelines

▪ Capability to monitor well control parameters and to be able, when necessary, to react with the proper well control procedures and measures

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