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On October 24, 2019,

Mission: providing training and supporting the trials for welders’ qualification
-Able to perform at high level welding through all above specified welding process and materials
-Able to teach welders (beginners or with welding technique problems) regarding their performance improvement
-Able to practical organize welders’ trial for qualification
-Able to perform some special high-quality welds when requiring by Company
-Able to classify welders, depend of their tested performance
-Able to test any new purchased welding equipment, in his competence range
-Able to implement disciplined work, also for welding practical activities, also for welding applicable documents (WPS,Procedures)
-Previous chemical welding equipment experience: minimum 10 years (fabrication and erection)
-Valid welder qualification in all above specified range
Required knowledge:
-Excellent practical knowledge for manual and semiautomatic welding like SMAW, GTAW, FCAW/GMAW
-Ability to deal regarding welding technique for various metals such as: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Inconel
-An advantage will be considered knowledge regarding mechanized or automatic welding
-An advantage will be considered welding knowledge regarding Copper/Aluminium/Cr-Mo/Ni alloy
-Knowledge of reading and interpretation of WPS, welding procedures and equipment operator manual for welding machines
-English language

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